About Films in Bloom

Hi, I'm Elissa and I set up my passion project, Films in Bloom in 2010. 

I've been obsessed with filmmaking since I was little and was lucky enough to turn this into a grown-up (sort of) career, Associate Producing Richard & Judy and Saturday Kitchen, which I did for many years.  

Whilst working on Saturday Kitchen I married Rob, and while we popped up a camera for guest messages and hired a photographer for our wedding, we didn't think we could stretch the budget to a videographer and we didn't want to bother friends with the job. Even to this day, it's the only regret we have, and from that was borne the idea for Films in Bloom!

I've had some incredible experiences working in TV, but the filmmaker in me wanted to tell stories of real people in a more hands-on, creative way. I wanted Films in Bloom to be part of the process from beginning to end, to be a storyteller of the beautiful, raw and profoundly important moments in peoples' lives. 

I believe that every couple and their story is unique, therefore we won't mold your story to fit our style. We'll work with you to create something that is uniquely yours. 

My team and I pride ourselves on our discreet and unobtrusive style of filming and as a result capture those beautifully natural moments, which it is all about. 

When we get feedback from our lovely couples thanking us because they barely noticed we were there, that's when we know we've done our job well!  

We're happy to travel and have filmed every type of wedding throughout the UK and worldwide, so please get in touch because we'd love to help make the perfect film for you.